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"I know what it's like, to hide from the monster in your head. It's lonely and terrifying, cause the only one who can stop that you."

Born on a planet choked by endless conflict, the Aucan's have become apex predators. Orphea, however, has tried to escape this life and find a way to stop the war that's destroying her people. 

After stumbling upon the ruins of a long dead race, Orphea set out to learn more about the Zenith and what their connection is to her people. She's travelled all across her planet, and now finds herself in a sacred forest.


It seems she's on the precipice of a major discovery, but has her work put a target on her back? What secrets will she uncover, and who is trying to keep them hidden? 




"It's quite calming to move faster

than light. You leave all your problems in the past. No wars, no enemies, only the endless future..."

What's a human doing out in space? And why does he look so cool?


Mbaye is a smooth talker with a quick wit and an even quicker draw. He always seems to find himself in the wrong place at the right time. But no matter the odds, he always seems to make it out alive.

He's traveling around the galaxy in his ship, The Douglass, with his two A.I. Jack and Quin. What is his mission, and what does he want with Orphea?




"I think it takes a very courageous person to go through what you have, and still want to move forward." 

A young sapling from the garden world of Eden, Cassia is the adoptive daughter of Mbaye. She's shy and soft spoken, always listening to music and playing with her pet, Ace.

Cassia has a condition, causing any organic matter she touches to slowly decay. For a girl so connected with nature, this has ruined her spirits. 

Can Cassia be cured? And what caused this condition in the first place?


Jack and Quin


"We could calculate 30 trillion different ways this mission could go...or we could just enjoy the surprise!"

Jack and Quin are twin A.I.s companions of Mbaye. The only thing they dislike more than organics are each other. Their rivalry has split them so much that only one can inhabit the ship at a time, the other stays with Mbaye or in a robotic body.

The two are wildly different, though both are very cold to strangers. Mbaye and Cassia seem to be the only organics they trust.

But why are they so hostile to others? And what caused such a rift between them?

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